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For product advice or enquiries feel free to call Martin on 0400 172 173

Welcome to We sell Mr Pure Water filtration systems and filters.
We are continually adding new products to our store. Please contact us if you require our expert advice on water purification for your home, farm, or swimming pool. We can also supply commercial / industrial / project grade filters and filtration systems. We have all levels of drinking water filtration systems, from under sink filtration systems to sophisticated 21 stage water filtration units. We also supply all types of filter replacement cartridges.

We are passionate about providing you with the clearest, cleanest and healthiest water possible. We are constantly researching new technologies and natural ways to achieve this. Health and vitality are important for a productive and happy life. Pure water is an important element in achieving a healthy body and mind to function effectively in our lives, whether it be in our work, relationships or families.

We believe in producing quality products that last, do the job effectively, have as low maintenance as possible, and are exceptional value for money.

Please phone us if you have any questions or need a customised water filtration system. We are very creative in designing a water filtration system just suited to you and your requirements.